Okay, Another File Folder Project

After finding the you tube video about the hidden hinge binding system, mentioned in my last post, I noticed a video series from Ms Orta-King using file folders.  She called the journal a “lap book”.

Let me tell you, this was a challenge from start to finish.  I don’t know if there is a getting ready to make the lap book tutorial, but I felt she was talking to people who already knew what was going on.

Although it was challenging, mainly because I couldn’t see what she was doing on the video because of the glare, I did manage to complete the lap book.  Later videos in the series deal with the decorating of the lap book-which I have decided I’m not interested in.  I can easily do that in my own style.

I believe the project required 6 file folders.   I messed up three so I used nine in total.  I’d give you directions for the project, but good grief…I’m not sure I can.  Honestly, most of what I did was by instinct.  Having been a crafter since childhood, I can pretty much figure it out.

This must have been a scrapbook class or something.  Ms Orta-King talks about photo pockets and mats.  I don’t scrapbook anymore and won’t be using this journal for that purpose.  Ms Orta-King’s lap book was Christmas themed.  Adorable.


And this is a quick art journal two pager I made this morning.  It’s not complete, the glue is still tacky.  I had started with it by pulling journalling prompts and doing what the card said.  Just like the one I did yesterday…But once I found that girl in my stash, I had a plan.  Unfortunately there were a few elements already on the page (from the journaling prompts) that I needed to cover.  I’ll add more layers once the glue dries.

Edited to add:

I just found two more of these lap books in a projects box I haven’t looked at in a while.  Apparently quite awhile, since I don’t even remember making these two journals.  And they both look like they were a struggle too.  Each a hot mess in it’s own way.  I cannot imagine why I would have tried to duplicate the lap book from the Orta-King video, but I clearly did.  The later videos show the decorating part of the project and these two books have all the page elements found in the Orta-King’s book.

Did I mention they were a hot mess?

The way they are decorated is horrendous.  I would never use those papers or colors today.  And that I followed the tutorials exactly is so odd.  I usually throw in something of my own when I’m following a tutorial…

That I have no memory of making them tells me they were not something I wanted to revisit.  And they are both so horrible, I don’t think they can be saved.  And you know me-if there is any way to use something I’ll find it.  But these are just really bad…

Alright, alright.  I’ll show you…Just remember this is what happens when crafting goes horribly wrong:

Seriously?  What was I thinking?  It looks like I just grabbed whatever paper I could find and jammed it into the lap book.  The pages are crooked, I had mad love for duct tape, evidently, and they weigh a ton!  Lots of wasted products within these two disastrous lap books.

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