Daily Art- Art Journaling

More art journal pages for today.  I found the scraps from the green, disappointing, lap book and used them on the green page above.  The Vincent Van Gogh quote page was a Mixed Media Mash-Up from Pink Poodle.  In fact, all three were part of Mixed Media Mash-Up’s.

Sometimes it’s good to take a break from your normal routine and make something different.  I had spent a lot of time art journaling last year following the death of my brother.  Later I became so involved with my on-line art classes I didn’t have time to make journals or journal pages.

This has been a really good change for me.  Not only creatively but emotionally as well.  Poor health and no money has caused my depression to come roaring to the forefront.  There have been some really tough days lately.  But I think I may be turning the corner on this thing.  I feel emotionally better able to handle the health problems and I can’t worry about the money.  I can’t do anything about it, there is no sense worrying about it and we always make it through somehow.

And if we are meant to move to Arizona the way will present itself.  If the way does not present itself, obviously we are not meant to move there.

I have slipped away from the Secret.

That is our years challenge and I lost my way in the pit of despair.

These pages were made with whatever I had laying around.  I used DIY modeling pasteDIY stencils, watercolors, homemade stamps, tape, ribbon, napkins, tissue paper, metallic paints, and scraps.  I played with watercolor crayons, Inktense blocks, homemade shimmer paints, DIY gesso and Sharpies.

The pages turned out quite well, I think.  And they were all made with stuff I have on hand.  Nothing fancy or special.  Just recycled materials, scraps, and art journaling prompts.  You can do this stuff too.  It doesn’t have to take much to make art and art journaling can be one of the most frugal forms of crafting there is.  Give this a shot.  You may really like it.

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