Art Journal Page

with Pink Poodle Crafts.


This woman is rapidly becoming my favorite you-tuber.  She is so real, every time, never any pretense.  You know she’s living a life.  One similar to mine, I think.  I know she has health problems so she’s unable to work and she’s broke.  Sums me up too.

I was watching a Mixed-Media Mashup and had fun.  She grabbed journaling cards and then we did what they said.  I have my own 150 journaling prompt cards and have done this several times myself.  It’s more fun when you’re doing the art journaling along with someone.

Edited to add the prompts we used:



Book pages



Modeling Paste

Metallic Paints



Since I don’t have all the current scrapbook embellishments I improvise.  One prompt was “distressing”.  This simply means aging or grungy-ing things up.  Pink Poodle used Distress ink pads by Tim Holtz and Ranger.

I don’t have those.

I have nothing very close to it either.  I have a couple ink pads but not in the colors I was using on the page.  So I grabbed one of my alcohol-based markers and scribbled some onto a plate.  Using a baby wipe, I smeared the color over the page.  It worked great.

Another option would have been very watered down acrylic paint.  Craft paint preferably.  Or a watercolor wash.  Or painting the page with tea or coffee.  See, there are many different options to create a similar look.  Use whatever you have.

That’s one thing that really bothers me:  when people say you have to have this specific brand or that specific material to make something.  (Obviously there are certain projects which require specific things, example rebuilding a car-you can’t do it without a engine.)  You can use anything you want in your own art journal.  If the tutorial you’re watching says you need some specific type of printed tissue paper but all you have is napkins-use them.  You will get a different look from the tutorial, but so what?  Who is ever going to know what that page was “supposed to look like”.  Your page is your page, use what you have.

Anyway, off my soap box.

This journal page turned out pretty well, I thought.  I improvised on a few of the materials, but all in all I’d have to say it was a success.

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  1. rubiescorner says:

    This was an interesting writing. Keep writing.


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