Today’s Project Will Take Some Time

Cardboard Death Star

Anthony found this on line and asked for it.  After some research, I have found these were produced in countries other than the US.  In order to keep costs down they were made from cardboard.  They are now selling for over $1000 bucks on Ebay.

I have to say, I’m impressed with this thing.  I love the way it’s very detailed, yet the extra pieces needed are minimal like the chairs or the action figures.  The size isn’t tiny or monstrous and both of those options are out there currently.  It seems to have everything a young Star Wars Padawan learner would love.

Even better; I think I can recreate it.

My husband makes a lot of signs for work.  He’s the safety director for a trucking company and they often need signs designating new or revised safety information, location, procedures, etc.  He makes these from vinyl which he attaches to sign board.  This board is light weight and very durable.  He’s used some of his scraps to make things like small paint palettes and textural tools for my use.  The stuff is really nice to work with.

My thought is this:  why not use this sign board material to make the Death Star?  I can make the pieces individually, paint them to look like the inside of the Death Star, then put them together like a puzzle.  I’m sure one of my vast collection of adhesives will be able to join the pieces together.  The end result would be sturdy enough for a little boy to play with for a long, long time.

The cost of the sign board is not that much, a couple bucks per sheet, and I would need four or five sheets I’d guess.  They are able to be cut fairly easily-my husband makes most of his signs in our back room with his own hand tools.  And they can be painted, which is what I do…

All in all, I think I should be able to make this for less than $30.00.  Which is substantially less than the Lego Death Star ($500.00).  Other options which are large enough for Anthony to play with are also far beyond our limited budget.

I’m excited to give this a try.  If it works well I’ll take measurements and record details-should anyone else like to make one.

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