Excitement In Your Art

Lately I’ve been taking so many on line art courses, I think I have become bogged down in learning.  Learning techniques, learning art marketing, learning to paint portraits, learning, learning, learning.

Once I was excited to put paint to canvas.  I couldn’t wait to make something.  Anything, really.  I didn’t know how it would turn out or even what it would be until I began to paint.  It was a thrill to make stuff and there was excitement with every new art project.

That excitement hasn’t been there for me lately.

Maybe it’s the stresses of everyday life catching up with me.  Maybe it’s having to creatively overcome financial limitations in my art practice.  Maybe I’m just sick of taking classes all the time.  Whatever it is, I need to get the excitement back into my art.

If this is something you’re struggling with as well, here is a small challenge for you:

Use a completely different medium.  Something you haven’t spent much time on, or haven’t ever used before.

For example:  if you’re a multi-media artist, make jewelry from polymer clay.  If you’re an acrylic painter, sculpt something.  If you’re a watercolorist, make a mosaic.  If you’re a fabric artist, throw some paint around.

You get the picture.  Do something unusual in your daily art practice.  Something unfamiliar and out of your comfort zone.  Walk away from what has become stale and unexciting and refresh your creativity with something spontaneous and unexpected.

Having a daily art practice is challenging.  I have made something everyday for several months now.  ( I don’t share everything I make here because I think you’d be bored with tonal studies, my sketches, pages and pages of noses, eyes and ears, etc.)  By committing to make something each and every day for a year, I have given myself an opportunity to grow as an artist.  This is hard work.  I didn’t think it would be difficult to make an art piece daily-I am usually filled with inspiration and ideas-but it is.  While I work on my fundamentals, because you need a solid foundation to build on, I also try to make fun and enjoyable stuff too.  And I’m running out of steam…

Today’s daily art will be something entirely different from what I have been doing.  I don’t have any idea what it will be, but I need to shake things up a bit.

Care to join me in this challenge?

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