Artist Statement

A dear friend of mine, Tom, helped me more than I can say today.  He wrote my artist statement.

This is something I have struggled with for several weeks.  Since being told I needed one, I have been overwhelmed by the challenge.  Basically you have to talk about yourself.  I don’t like to do that.  It makes me very uncomfortable.  Even more so when it requires explaining my art work and why I make it…

Tom actually interviewed me.  He had me lie down on the couch and deep breathe, close my eyes and relax.  He turned on beautiful classical music which played softly in the background.  I know he could tell I was very uptight about this, and honestly after a few minutes of lying there, breathing deeply, and I was as relaxed as can be…

Then Tom began asking me questions.

You have to understand the mesmerizing sound of his voice…He is a professional actor/singer and was on Broadway in Les Misérables for several years.  His baritone brings tears to my eyes every time he sings.   So here I am relaxing with this incredible voice asking me a bunch of questions…And I opened up.

This was a hugely enlightening process for me.  I discovered things about myself and my art work I never realized before.  For example, I didn’t realize my primary influence is history.  My work always has some element which has a past, an aged quality, a forgotten, ignored or overlooked something…I use architectural or man-made items in combination with natural elements.  I prefer to convey a sense of peace, simplicity, a slowing down from the hectic pace of current life.

If you have an opportunity to lie back, relax, listen to soothing music and spend the afternoon talking about yourself, I encourage that.

Seriously though, it was a tremendously enlightening afternoon and the artist statement he wrote is terrific.  I really cannot thank Tom enough for his help.

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