Quick, Easy and Free!


Here is an embellishment I made in just a few minutes with scraps I found in my scrap bag.  I plan to attach this to a hat or make it into a pin.  You could make these much thinner and use as scrapbook or art journal embellishments.  Here’s how I made them:

I used an unloved watercolor painting as the base.  Using a large circle punch, I popped out several of the bases from one unloved painting.  I found two fabrics from my scrap bag which worked well together and cut them into 2″ by 2″ shapes.  I folded the square or circle in half.  I dabbed some hot glue in the center of the folded half and brought the sides in and attached them.  I pinched the folded edge together while the glue was still wet to create a “fan”.  Once dried, I attached that bottom part of the fan to the watercolor paper.  I made enough of these frilly edged wedges to go around the circle base.

Next I took the coordinating fabric, which was a knit, and cut it into a square.  The size was similar to the circle size of the pink fabric, but the knit was horrible to cut so I just went with a square instead of a circle for that fabric.  I folded the fabric in half, dabbed hot glue in the center and brought the sides up and attached to the glue.  This wedge was attached over the top of the pink fabric, these pieces glued where the pink ones butted up to each other.  I trimmed the knit patterned fabric once it was stuck to the base.  When I was satisfied with the layers, I added a gem to the center.  Mine is quite thick, but based on your fabric choices and amount of layers that will vary.

These things can be made the same way with paper scraps.  You cut a square from paper and roll it into a cone shape. Attach to the base.  Add a punched shape from coordinating paper for the center instead of a gem.

These can be used as Christmas ornaments, a wreath, scrapbook or art journal embellishments, tops of bookmarks, flowers, used on vision boards, as inspiration tiles on your wishing tree, embellishments on a wrapped gift, as tags, add to frames, as a brooch, a pendant or use to decorate hat.

These are just a few options off the top of my head.  I love being able to use my scraps in a fun way and this counts as that.  It was quick, easy and-best of all-free!  (Scraps count as free in my world.)

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