DIY Color Shapers


What are color shapers and why would you want any?  Well, they are made from silicone and are used in painting, pastels, charcoal, making designs or patterns on gelli plates, etc.  There are many wonderful uses for these tools.  You use them move your color around, just like you might use a brush or palette knife.  The difference is these are flexible and the paint won’t stick to them.

I find the cost of the color shapers to be more than I want to spend.  So here are my cheap alternatives:

Yesterday I was at Dollar Tree and picked up two silicone spatulas.  One has two ends which are shaped, the other is a regular flexible spatula.  The ends of these two tools slip off easily, so you can remove them and hold them in your hand if you prefer.  All three work well just as they are.

The white silicone spatula was destroyed in my kitchen.  I cut off the mutilated end and made three different shapes across the top of the spatula.  A rounded edge, an angular edge and a wedge across the widest part of the top.  I cut these using a utility knife on an angle which created a beveled edge on each shape.

The last were also Dollar Tree purchases.  There was a set of four spoon/straws, which I thought might work for the scooping color shaper, and then I bought erasers to attach to the other end (straw part) of the thing.  This gave me two different ends with which to make marks.  I am considering carving three of the spoons ( since I have four of the same) into different shapes for more variety.

For four dollars I have several different options.  The destroyed spatula from the kitchen counts as free, because it was going to be thrown out anyway.

Another option which I may try later today is making your own silicone shapes.  Here is the recipe for DIY silicone shapers:


Silicone Caulk

Craft Paint for color and moisture when mixing

Baby Oil

Squeeze silicone caulk into mixing container-as much as you need to make your shapers

Add half that amount of cornstarch

Add a squeeze of craft paint ( the liquid kind you can get for .50 cents at the dollar store) for color and moisture

Add 3 to 5 drops of baby oil

Mix thoroughly.  If the mixture is to soft add more cornstarch.  You can put the cornstarch on your hands and mix the stuff that way too.  When you have reached the desired consistency, break off small pieces of the silicone and roll them into balls.  Press onto a bamboo skewer (point removed), paint brush handle (without the ferrule and bristles), a cuticle stick, a pencil-you get the idea.  Now shape the ball of silicone into whatever shape you want to create textures or patterns.  Let dry.

Color shapers all made from a dollar tube of silicone caulk, household items and bamboos skewers or whatever you have on hand.  And you can make a lot of these for pennies.

Now go forth and make your own cheap supplies.

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