Second Verse, Same as the First

Today’s daily arting was working on the castle.  Here are some pictures:

I know there are some who would rather paint directly on the walls themselves.  I would prefer that too, but I just can’t get the results I want that way.

The painted objects are on the inexpensive watercolor paper I made into a block.  This has worked out very well, no warping at all.  I am quite pleased with the Strathmore paint pad when used as a watercolor paper block.

Miniatures is something I’ve been doing for several years.  I recently sold three completed dollhouses.  I make furniture to go into them, as well as finishing the houses.  The house I was working on prior to this castle isn’t a house at all.  It’s a vintage camper.


I have several sets of furniture waiting to be sold too.  I really enjoy making miniatures.  It’s so much easier now with the internet having free patterns for things and printables.  It’s challenging to design your own miniatures because scale is so important.  You may not even realize your scale is off, but your mind does the second it sees it.

Lately, I’ve been so busy with other things minatures slipped my mind.

But I’m back, baby!


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