Today’s Daily Art

Here is today’s daily art effort.  I made windows from tracing paper and will laminate them for the inside windows of the castle.   The box which inserts into one of the openings-I think it’s to hold dolls and furniture pieces- has been painted on all four sides.

We have Hagrid’s Hut, the Owlery, the Burrow and the library.  I chose the Owlery because the window was in there already and shaped similar to the owl perches.  There will be a Hedwig in the open space of the window.  We needed the library-poor Hermione can’t be without that!  Of course, Hagrid’s Hut is vitally important, as is the Burrow.

The remaining rooms in the castle will be:

The Gryffindor Common Room

Entrance Hall

Great Hall

Moving Staircase and Portraits

Dumbledore’s Office

Potions classroom


Slytherin Common Room

Which leaves me with two undecided rooms.   I may make the exterior top part of the castle too-the towers.

Tomorrow I begin on the castle proper.


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