Castle Up!

Today’s daily art begins with this castle.  I have had it for a couple years, but never took the time to paint it.  I wasn’t sure what type of castle I wanted to make.  Now I’m thinking about turning this into Hogwarts. This is the base of the stone of the castle.  There is much more to do, but this is as far as I got today.

Edited to add this picture:  I had planned to glue on aged “stone” where needed, but it looked to bulky and I just went with painting it instead.

The second project for today involves my very favorite of all things free stuff.

I was given a huge stack of used manila folders.  These are perfect for tags.  From one folder I get 3- 4 x 8″ tags and 8- 2 1/2 by 3 1/2″ ATC’s (artist trading cards).  The reason I divided the folder in this way was to get the curved area on each half to be the top part of the tag.  I’m sure there is a more economical way to divide the folders without as much waste.  A lot depends on the size tags you want and whether you want to cut the tops yourself.  The scraps will be used for other things, so there really is very little I am tossing out.


I am aware the cost for manila tags is inexpensive, but why spend the money on something when you don’t have to.  If I only cut half the folders I have, I’ll have tags to last me a life time.  Not to mention ATC’s, which I have started to really enjoy playing with.

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