Using Unused Art Supply Challenge

Today has been a tremendously productive day.  I poured 5 paintings from one set of mixed paints, and I re-did this elephant picture which has been bugging me.

I rarely use modeling paste, but I wanted to have some texture on this elephant.  I absolutely hated the way it turned out.  So late last night I re-did the DIY modeling paste and this morning I put the under-painting on him.  I like him better already.

After he’s finished I plan to break out some of my lesser used water-soluble media for some art journaling fun.

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3 Responses to Using Unused Art Supply Challenge

  1. Kelsie Oreta says:

    This is such a cool challenge! I’ll have to give it a try


  2. rubiescorner says:

    I came by because I read something else you wrote.


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