My Art Supply Fast is Over

I just placed an order from Dick Blick.  Nothing particularly exciting.  In fact, nothing exciting at all.  Canvases, a couple tubes of paint, paper, and a mixing medium.

These are the things I absolutely need, which is more important than using this gift card on things I might want but don’t necessarily need.  Sure, it would have been fun to spend the gift card on those things I dream about.  But reality bites sometimes, and right now I can only spend money (or a gift card) on things I absolutely need.  There is no money for the fun stuff, just the bare necessities.

It’s so easy for artists to become art material hoarders.  We love the stuff and want to try it all.  I get that.  But do we actually use everything we have?  I know I have several things I couldn’t wait to get my hands on but now that I have them I don’t use them for fear of using them up…How ridiculous is that?  They were expensive and now that I have them they are to precious to use.

Enough of that nonsense.  I am making things today with supplies I have been hoarding.  Stay tuned for the results…

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