More Fun with Dirty Pours

Here are a couple observations:

You need running water for this art experience.  I don’t currently have running water (our pump went out on our well and will be fixed tomorrow) and it is a huge mess.  If you are going to try this make sure you have enough plastic laid down to catch your drips and cover your work area.

I did not add silicone to the white paint.  I just added it on top of the other colors, without mixing it in, and poured the paint onto the canvas board or into the pour cup.  I was able to pour several times with the paint I mixed up for the first pour and never once mixed them.

The problem, as I see it, with this method is the dry time.  You need a dedicated place for your work to dry.  It may take several days to dry completely.  There is also the risk of dust or something getting into your wet painting while it’s drying.  You may want to leave the painting in a cardboard box and close the top to prevent that.

If you don’t like making a mess, you won’t enjoy this technique.

I found sticking with warm colors together and cool colors together helped prevent mud.  On the larger canvas board the white helped keep the colors from muddying.

Reuse any canvas or canvas board you’ve already painted on but don’t care for.  Perfect for this technique.

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