Last Night

our pump broke on our well.  We have no water.

This is a perfect opportunity to think seriously about living in a desert.  Since we’re considering moving across the country to Arizona, this gives me a chance to ponder just how difficult it might be to live in an area without an abundance of water.

We are very spoiled with our water.  We have a tremendous well with outstanding water.  I think we pump 67 gallons per minute.  In fact, we have two wells.  Our furnace/air conditioning is a heat pump.  This is one of the most ecologically friendly furnace options available.  Here’s how it works:

You suck the water from the ground, it circulates through the heat pump removing the heat from the water for warmth and the cold from the water for cooling.  This gives you one system for both heat and air conditioning.  This is all that happens to the water.  Once the heat or cold is taken from the water, the water-completely unchanged-gets shot back down another well.  This puts the water back into the earth where it is used again.

This is an efficient way to heat and cool your home.  The system is ingenious and works great.  You only need one set of ducts running though the house, and that set works for both heat and air.  With a simple flip of the switch, it changes from furnace to air conditioning.  No fuss, no muss.

If you are concerned about how what you do impacts the earth, here is a wonderful option for being earth-friendly in a major way.  Living green is easy with a heat pump.

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