Dirty Pour

My first dirty pour.  Here’s how I did it.

Supplies Needed:

Canvas-I put push pins in the corners on the underside of the stretched canvas so the canvas will stay off the drip pan.

Fluid acrylics.  These could be craft paints, fluid acrylics, house paint, or you can liquefy your thicker paints with distilled water.

Floetrol.  This was my pouring medium.

Liquid silicone.

Hand held torch.

Small cups to hold individual paint colors and a larger cup to hold all the colors.

Drip pan.

Craft sticks for stirring.

I used fluid acrylics and Floetrol, equal parts of both, mixed very well.  This is the same for each color.  I mixed the white directly into the pour cup and did not add silicone drops to the white.  Since the white was the heaviest of the paints I poured, I put that one on the bottom of the cup.  I poured half paint and half Floetrol into each small cup, mixing thoroughly.

On top of the small cups of individual, well mixed color,  I dripped two or three drops of liquid silicone.  I did not stir after I added the silicone, but if you do you will get smaller cells and more of them.

I poured the colors into the pour cup in an order I thought would prevent “mud” much as possible.  After I poured all the colors into the pour cup, I placed the canvas on top of the cup.   I held the cup securely and flipped the canvas over, setting it on the drip tray.  Once it was secure, I lifted the pour cup straight up.  The flow of paint over the canvas was pretty cool.  I tilted the canvas slightly to move the paint over the entire surface.  I scooped paint from the drip tray and touched the spots on the sides of the canvas which didn’t get covered by the paint.

Using the torch, I carefully went over the surface to remove bubbles that rose to the top and to create some more cells.  Since this is my first pour, I was unsure how close to get with the flame.  I am fairly certain I was to far away.

We shall see how the thing dries overnight.  I am noticing the paint is being sucked into the canvas along the wrapped edges and at the corners.

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