A Scribble

Today I finished a course on art fundamentals.  This course was a study of the principles of art, the elements of art, art fundamentals, color theory, one and two point perspective, and a few techniques.  Each area was touched on, but I believe I want to go much farther in my study of these art fundamentals.

Oddly enough, after I finished that course I looked in on what Cinnamon was doing in the Big Art Quest, About Face.  She was doodle sketching faces, which was the assignment I just finished from the art course.

So here are my doodle sketches from Cinnamon’s About Face Quest.

While I really tried not to lift my pencil, I did occasionally.  This was such a relaxing exercise.  It takes all the pressure off if it’s just a scribble.  When you play around in this way you have the opportunity to do things you don’t normally do.  I used different pencil hardness’s, held the pencil at the very end and just loosely moved it across the paper with very light pressure.

My next course is drawing, which I think will be quite enlightening.  I usually draw with my paint brush rather than make sketches on the canvas, so this will be good for me.

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