Art Techniques and DIY Gone Awry

Today’s art was working on watercolor techniques in my art techniques journal.  I used alcohol drops on a watercolor wash, coarse sea salt, and common household salt to see the reaction.  I wet my paper with table salt and water and dripped the paint onto it.  I used a couple drops of bleach in my water and wet the paper, dripping paint onto the surface to see what happened.

The tissue paper crumpled over the watercolor wash was cool, as was painting on plastic wrap and pressing the page onto it.  I soaked my paper and then blew the paint around with a blow-dryer.  I made textures with a sea sponge, paper towel and plastic bags.

The real reason for all this experimenting with watercolor paint is because I actually tried to remove my mission gold watercolors from their stupid palette.  It did not go well.  In fact I wasted a tremendous amount of paint, messed up a perfectly good bead tray-which I tried to make into a watercolor palette with hot glue-and generally made a spectacular mess.  The techniques were done with the paint I couldn’t get off the closing bead tray.

Again, just because you can does not mean you should.

DIY gone awry.

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