Quick Paintings on DIY

watercolor block made this morning.

Both of these paintings were tutorials from Lindsay the Frugal Crafter.

A couple observations on this block of watercolor paper:

I do not like this paper.  At all.  It pills terribly, even when using my Mimik Squirrel brushes and Silver Black Velvet brushes.  I found it impossible to lift what are usually very lift-able colors from this paper.  The typical use of water caused the paper to pill and the use of a scrubber brush damaged the paper fairly significantly.  After drying completely, I was able to brush off the pilled stuff and the paper looks much better.  You can still see the damage to the paper however, and I would never use this paper for anything significant.

In fact, I cannot think of anything I would use this paper for other than as paper for an art journal in which I would not use wet media.  Perhaps this particular pad of paper (Master’s Touch 140 lb, cold press watercolor pad, size 8×8) is damaged in some way, but honestly I wouldn’t risk using this brand for anything you want to frame, give away or treasure.  It is cheap, but I have used other cheap brands of watercolor paper without any of these issues.

The DIY block worked as expected and I am sure it will work very well on better quality paper.

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