Inexpensive Watercolor Brush Review

Although I rarely spend serious money on acrylic brushes, as acrylic paint just destroys brushes no matter what you do, I have indulged myself in a couple really nice watercolor brushes.  These will last a lifetime if you take care of them because watercolors are very easy on brushes.

And while I enjoy my Mimik Kokinsky and Silver Black Velvet brushes, I find I often grab others which are not nearly as costly.  More often than not I grab my Creative Inspiration Dura-Handle brushesRoyal Langnickel Aqualon brushes, Master’s Touch brushes or the Simply Simmon’s brushes.  Of these choices the Master’s Touch is the most expensive, but I bought all mine with the 40% off coupon, which makes them far more reasonable.

It is important to note the Simply Simmon’s brushes I use for water color are not the extra firm filament Simply Simmon’s brushes I use for acrylics.  The ones I use for watercolors have the white handle, with mid-color brown bristles, and they are soft.  The extra firm have dark brown bristles and are are very firm.  (Rub them against your face in the store.  If they are to hard for applying make-up but not so hard they will scour your freckles off-those are perfect for acrylics.)

The brushes I go for most often are the least expensive of all my brushes, and I have a LOT of brushes!  I have a brush problem-I’ll admit it.  I am always searching for the perfect brush.  Oh who am I kidding-I am always searching for the perfect everything when it comes to art materials…

I came face to face with a genuine Kokinsky Sable brush at my daughter’s nail salon.  I noticed the name on the brush the nail lady was using.  I asked if I could see it.  I almost fell over when I realized they were using actual KOLINSKY SABLE brushes to do acrylic nails.  I haven’t found the exact brush to provide a link, but the handles were inlaid with another type/color of wood.  They were the most beautiful brushes I have ever seen.  And it sickened me to realize they were being used up and tossed after a few weeks…

Those brushes will last for generations if cared for properly…

Now, after drying my eyes about that…

If you’re new to watercolors and don’t want to invest a ton in brushes, give these inexpensive ones a try.  I have really enjoyed them and I think you will too.

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