DIY Stay Wet Palette Update

DIY Stay Wet Palette Original

I am updating my DIY Stay Wet Palette.  Here is my newest version of the palette, which is smaller than the original, but works well.

The depth of covered plastic containers is usually to deep for a stay wet palette, in my opinion.  The cheapest ($3.49 at Walmart) and shallowest of these that I have found is the Rubbermaid deviled egg holder.

Disposable ones from Dollar Tree will work as well, but the ones in my local store were all deeper than this deviled egg one which I found annoying to use.   Later I found some at Meijer which will work brilliantly, but are twice the price of the Rubbermaid container.  Given the extra work caused by the egg indention’s, I believe I’d just pay the extra and get the other container next time.  Nevertheless, I will work with what I have and here’s how I’m doing it.

While the indention’s in the bottom of the thing can be a problem, I have filled mine with hot glue.  This gives me a fairly level base for my Dollar Tree cloth.  Put two penny’s in the bottom of the container after the hot glue has dried.  Add the cloth, which you cut to size.  On top of the dampened (with distilled water) faux-chamois cloth I put down two layers of parchment paper, also found at the Dollar Tree.  This I dampen with a spray bottle of distilled water.

The size is smaller, which is great for traveling.  If you only need a few colors for Plein Air painting, this will work great for that.  The top, which is plastic, works as a mixing area too.

Another, more bulky option, is the cake carrier from the bakery.  I know I have posted about this one, but can’t seem to locate the post right now.  Anyway, you use the plastic containers cakes come in from the bakery.  Cut the chamois to fit, add penny’s so it doesn’t smell funky right away, dampen with distilled water, use the parchment paper on top of the cloth.  The cover snaps on securely and it’s an affordable stay-wet palette.

The cost of the Masterson’s Sta-Wet Premier Palette is quite a bit.  You can skip the cloth and papers to cover it by using the Dollar Tree chamois and parchment paper option.  Nevertheless, I have this palette and have not been impressed.  I really prefer my DIY palettes over this one.  My purpose in this post is to give you inexpensive options to try, should you want to.

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