Better Watercolor Paper

Cheap Paper, Better Quality

Here is a 20 sheet, watercolor paper for children from Strathmore.  I just whipped up this painting because I had paint on my palette I wanted to use up.  I enjoyed the paper much more than the very inexpensive Master’s Touch brand from the DIY watercolor paper block post.  This is 9 by 12 size, the Master’s Touch was 8 x 8.  This paper took all the water I usually throw at it and didn’t pill a bit.  I also scrubbed out highlights and was able to bring the paper nearly back to white with colors that don’t necessarily lift all that well. I just had the paper laying on my desk area, didn’t tape it down to paint on it, with only minor buckling.  I’ve had much more expensive paper buckle more than this stuff.

All in all, this is a very good paper for the price.  It did everything I asked of it and did it well.  I’m going to make this pad into a paper block to see how I like that.

And it worked great!  I have a new watercolor paper block, 9 x 12.  It gets easier each time I make one.

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