Late Last Night

IMG_0413 (2)

I followed this tutorial from Lindsay the Frugal Crafter.  Since I’m out of canvases, I decided to go back to my watercolors.

This was part of a collaboration between Cinnamon, the Art Sherpa and Angela Anderson, Angelooney.  It was all about castles.  We painted Hogwarts, and a Fairytale Castle and now I’ve finished the three tutorials with this watercolor farmish-castle.

I adore castles.  LOVE them.  I really am in the mood to paint a few more…After my appointment this morning maybe I’ll grab some paper and make some sketches.

While watercolors are challenging, they are really delightful as well.  I find the way the paint flows and shifts around to be endlessly fascinating.  The blooms are delicious and the colors are quite vibrant.

This is a new brand of paper for me with this one.  I decided to shake things up a bit and just reached into my paper storage and pulled out whatever my hand landed on.  Turned out to be Union Square, 12 x 16. 140lb watercolor block, 10 sheets.  I had purchased this paper quite a while ago when it was seriously on sale at Jerry’s.

I really enjoyed this paper.  I have not painted on watercolor blocks before, and I really liked it.  The paper didn’t buckle and warp, I didn’t have to worry about taping the paper down to my board, I could just use it as it is.  Much more convenient.  I may be investing in more blocks, or I’ll just make my own.  Here’s a tutorial on how to do that from my favorite crafter, Lindsay.


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