Abstracts are Speaking to Me


This is a painting I’m working on right now.  I’m building up the layers at this point.

This is based loosely on a photo from Paint My Photo.

Today I went to my dentist.  She asked if I needed to get to work after the appointment and I told her I work in my workroom everyday, painting.

She was so amazed people worked making art everyday.  She had picked up 5 paint-by-number type paintings at a hobby store.  She made it sound like it was painting kits with instructions.  After talking with her awhile, she asked if I knew of any paint classes she could take.

I recommended both Lindsay the Frugal Crafter and Cinnamon, the Art Sherpa.  I explained the tutorials are free, very informative and for painters of all levels.  My dentist mentioned she only finished two of the five paintings, as she didn’t care for the other three.  I suggested she paint them using colors different from her instructions.

She gaped at me.

She said it never occurred to her to change anything in the painting.  She would have simply followed the directions to the letter.

I felt so bad about that.  Have we really crushed the creative spirit out of people?

So I jumped into the most creatively challenging type of painting for me:  abstracts.

This was going to be an “abstracted” painting in the beginning.  But as I worked it just became more and more about the colors and their placement rather than following a photo.  So I stopped using the photo and began to let myself go.  I took out things, added things, changed areas of color and focus.  In the end, I doubt there is any resemblance to the original photograph at all.

It was both fun and challenging-which makes this the perfect way to spend an evening.

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