There is Joy in Daily Arting

Here is today’s painting.  A very colorful sunset with a tree and branches.  IMG_0350 (2)

I enjoy my daily artwork.  Whether that is watercolor, acrylics or art journaling-I enjoy the creative process.  When I don’t make something everyday, I find I feel worse physically and mentally.

What we make doesn’t have to be award winning stuff here people.  It’s the pleasure we get from the creative process that makes it worth while.  Let’s face it, most of us will never be the next great artist.  Most of us will only make art because we love to do it and won’t ever take that next step to make money selling it.  It’s all good.  We each have our own artistic journey to travel.

My goal is to become the best artist I can be.  I strive to improve with each piece.  Every time I pick up a brush, I want to stretch myself a bit further than the painting before.

This piece is from a photograph on the website Paint My Photo. 

The photos on this site are copyright free images for artists to use in their work.  I so appreciate the generosity of the photographers who have shared their work on Paint My Photo.  It is a wonderful resource and I hope you check it out.

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