Muddy Color Quick Tip

My paintings are colorful.

This is one of the reasons I paint.  The freedom to use color abundantly.

I have a quick-and obvious-paint tip:  Change your water often.

I repeat:  Change Your Water OFTEN!

My water is kept in recycled empty milk gallons beneath my work table.  I have a gallon for fresh and a gallon for dirty water.  Because I have to haul these gallons up stairs and back down, you might think I would be stingy with changing my water.

Not at all.

The muddiness created by sludgy water causes me to change my rinse bucket frequently.  In fact, I have four different rinse containers on my work desk.  I have one for blues, one for reds, one for yellows and a larger one for big brushes.

Muddy colors are the bane of my existence.  I simply cannot abide them.  Changing my rinse water often is just one way I keep my colors clear.  This is obvious, but something I think painters often overlook while deep in creative mode.  Do yourself and your work a huge favor:  change your water.

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