An Example Of Pure Joy


Here is an example of the pure joy of making art.

My dear granddaughter Leah and I just had the most fun making this painting.  She was so thrilled and enthusiastic about her creation!  Leah had it in her hands and was on her way upstairs to show her mom her art before I had the chance to dry it!

A small child’s enthusiasm for making art is contagious.  If you ever feel you need a boost creatively, go teach kids art.  They are the most delightful people to be around.  They are utterly fearless and excited to try anything.  I have a large supply of student grade paints and art supplies for just those wonderful moments when the kids are in the mood to make stuff.

When our kids were little I had the art cupboard.  It was filled with everything you can imagine.  If any of the kids wanted to make something, they knew they were free to use whatever they found in the art cupboard.  I would add things like cardboard, beads, craft sticks, tops of water bottles, foam, magazines, newspapers, craft papers, glues, aluminum foil, crayons and markers, colored pencils, watercolor paints, paint brushes, chalk, stamps and washable ink pads, stencils, aprons and plastic tablecloths for use as drop cloths.  We emptied my old craft supplies into the cupboard often.  Some days I would just go to the dollar store and stock up on things I thought the kids might like for a project…My kids always had plenty of fun stuff to play with.

And I treasured their creations.

Please allow yourself the enjoyment of sharing the love of making things with your kids.  They will be more interesting, better rounded and healthier people and you will be building memories that last forever.

Now go forth and have some fun!

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