Graphitint Watercolor Cards

Today’s project was 25 watercolor cards.

I love watercolor painting.  It is fascinating to me how the paints will flow and bloom in beautifully unexpected ways.  The more I use watercolors and water-soluble media, the better I like it.

One of the particularly enjoyable forms of water-soluble art materials is the stuff made by DerWent, which I think produces some of the very best water soluble pencils available.  Today’s projects used DerWent Graphitint pencils.

To be honest with you, I completely forgot I had these pencils.  I stored them with my other colored pencils, rather than with my water-soluble media.  Which means I haven’t used them in a long time.  What a shame.  These are some of the loveliest colors I’ve seen.  The pencils are tinted graphite.  They are not as vibrant as the Inktense, much more muted and soft, but they are beautiful.  If you are searching for a water-soluble medium which gives you the muted colors of a coastline, these are what you’re after.  IMG_0342 (2)IMG_0343 (2)

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