Today’s Paintings


Today’s paintings.

One of the most frustrating things about being an artist, I think, is finding your “Voice”.  The subject matter you paint is one thing, but the way you paint it is another.  The above paintings are painted in my “voice”.

The first is a small piece of an aged farm house.  Abandoned and left to rot, it shows the white curtain gently catching the breeze through the broken window.  The aged, weathered wood bears the years of abuse mother nature threw at it, all the while protecting those who dwelled within it’s rough walls.  A small slice of life from a simpler time.

The second is the door frame in an ancient building from century’s past.  The broken plaster, crumbling archway, deep cracks within the structure speak of a determination to hold itself together even as the world around it changes.

Architecture speaks to me.  The history, the beauty of the old craftsmanship, the attention to detail.  My mind becomes engaged in wondering about the lives of those who lived within the walls, what their struggles were.  Or their triumphs.  What did they do, what motivated them, what filled their days with purpose and meaning?

Painting is where I find meaning in my life, purpose and joy.  I hope my work gives you a sense of that.

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