I Miss a Man I Never Knew

Jack White, the author of the book The Mystery of Making It , passed away last year.  His book is outstanding, and I deeply regret never having met or talked with the man who wrote it.  Jack was the sort of person you want in your life.  A friend, a mentor, a task master, an encourager, an honest man with integrity.  Someone who shares his knowledge and experience freely and joyously.

Perhaps you are not an artist and have no reason to read his books.  Read them anyway.  If you are a person who is in business for yourself, his book is crammed full of ideas and suggestions which can be applied to anyone’s situation.

If business isn’t your thing, read Jacks’ book anyway.  He has life lessons in there we should all take to heart and apply to our daily lives.

While the world lost Jack White in 2016, he lives on in both his artwork and his books.  I am deeply grateful Jack took the time to write, his words have both inspired and given me impetus.  I know my future plans, because Jack helped me figure them out.  I know my One-Eyed Jack focus, because Jack told me I need that.  I know the path I need to travel, even with twists and unexpected turns, to reach my destination because Jack gave me the map.  My life has been forever changed by the writings of this truly special man.

Rest in blessed peace, Jack White.  You have made the world a better place having been in it, and I thank you for that.

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