Epic Fail, Plus Update


Alright.  This just goes to show, not everything we try works.

My goal here was to pour fluid acrylic paints and blow through a tube, moving the paint around and creating a picture.  I had visions of beauty here people!


First: the paint I used was to thick.  I thinned it with distilled water, which made it to thin.  Then it all ran together to create the lovely mud you see.

Second:  What on earth was I thinking, blowing through a tube?  My headaches are off the charts anyway, and this just about sent me to the hospital.

Not even kidding.


I’m an idiot.

Third:  the paints I used, because this was a practice thing, were craft acrylic paints.  Nothing wrong with them, but it made this technique difficult.  They were not the right consistency and would not move the way I wanted.

Forth:  adding the metallic gold caused everything to look/become muddy.

Fifth:  by tilting the picture, I was able to get the paint to flow in one direction.  Perhaps I can create something interesting with this as a background, but that would be an amazing feat.

Back to the drawing board for a distinctly me art style.

Edited to add:

Here is my next attempt at the painting.  I’m calling it Yin and Yang.  Two halves of the same coin.


Can be viewed from any angle.

The drips are to uniform, but at least I don’t want to throw up when I look at it anymore.

I had tried to visualize something in the mess of paint and saw trees, water, sky, mountains…I tried to give those a boost with some paint, but ended up just dripping the crap out of it.  Maybe I’ll “Pollock” it next…

Things I’ve learned:

limit your paint colors.  Just because I love riotous color doesn’t mean I have to use them all every time.

You need to give your viewer a place for their eye to rest.  There is no place in this painting for that to happen.  Yet.

Uniformity is boring and makes the painting look amateurish.

It’s alright to have “white” space on your canvas.  Less is more.

Stop and consider the painting often.  Don’t just throw things at it because you are holding something in your hand.

Walk away from the easel.  Let it sit there and go do something else.  Your mind needs to be able to look at the thing with fresh eyes.

Wow.  I learned a lot from one truly awful painting.

Well worth it, really.

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