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Unable to sleep, I arose at 2:30 a.m. and have been incredibly busy since.  Here is one of the paintings I did so far today.  I also spent a great deal of time on my book.

I have been struggling with the issue of my own personal style in my art practice.  I copy the work of others fairly easily, but to create unique work that is my own is challenging.  I have been following the advice I read somewhere:

Copy, copy, copy until you no longer need to copy.

It’s like following a recipe.  You make the same thing over and over, but then you start to tweak it.  You add a dash of this, eliminate that, until the recipe you began with is uniquely yours.  In art, you learn the techniques, duplicate art by other artists until you reach the point you create your own unique artwork.

Here is what I have written down to describe my personal style.

  1. It must be able to be rendered quickly.  I am easily bored.  If a painting takes longer than a couple hours, I am sick of it.
  2. Riotous color.
  3. Use paint or multi-media materials
  4. Layers

There will be more, but it’s a start.

I’m looking into subjects I find interesting.  Architecture, vintage tools, flowers, old barns, boats, zoo animals.

Pop art is interesting to me too.  I really enjoy the pictures that have these elements.

Lots of color, fun designs and a real sense of joy within the art.  It’s possible to do this to any image, really, but my concern is that I won’t get the tonal values in where they are needed.  It looks exciting to try and I will begin this particular part of my art journey tomorrow.

Have you checked out this fantastic website?  Paint My Photo.  This website is a gift to every artist.  Photographers upload their photos and allow artist to use those images free of charge and copyright-free.  What a blessing to all of us!  This website is a game-changer.  I use the images all the time.  Earlier today I made 5 or 6 sketches of ballerinas.  Then several elephants, tigers, boats and boots.

Check it out, if you need some spectacular photographs to work from.

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