I was in the middle of this mini-quest when my computer started to yell at me:

“Your computer is infected with spy ware which is currently stealing your credit card numbers and passwords.  If you exit this warning without contacting Microsoft we will be forced to shut down your computer to protect our system.  Contact Microsoft immediately for assistance.”  And it repeated that, over and over again.

REALLY loud and it scared me silly.

Scott came downstairs and shut the computer down while I was asking “what on earth is going on with this computer, blah, blah, blah…”

He said there is a new thing, hostage-ware, where you click on the warning and then someone takes control of your computer and you have to pay to get it back.  I am guessing they claim to be microsoft and want access to your system in order to help you prevent further stealing of your information.  Only you are talking to the people trying to steal your information and then you give them access to do just that.

My husband says if they catch these people, take them into the middle of town square and publicly execute them,  it will greatly reduce the problem.

He’s kidding, obviously.

All I know is my blood pressure went through the roof and I nearly wet my pants.  How that message could come out of my speakers at that volume, I don’t know.  Nothing has ever been that loud from my speakers before.

How do these computer-creeps do that?

Who do you report this crap to?  Isn’t there some sort of agency somewhere that can track this harassment and do something about it?

Just a heads-up, in case it happens to you.

Here’s the mini-quest sketch.  IMG_0276


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