Mini-Art Quest and 1500 Color

mixing recipes book arrived in the mail!  So did the Color Mixing Recipes for Landscapes.



I really like the Walter Foster art books and have a few of them.  This one is particularly interesting to me, as it has 1500 paint recipe mixes in it!  I have another color mixing book for skin tones. I have found there are mixes for both skin tones and landscapes in the 1500 one too.

Now I can use the recipes as they are, obviously, or as bases to create my own unique blends.

Here is the conversion chart for Oil paints to Acrylics  and Oils to Watercolors which are used in the book:


It is nice to have consistent colors throughout your art practice, by paint type, for ease of mixing.  I am not an oil painter, nor will I ever become an oil painter because I don’t care for it, so my art practice does not include any.  I do, however, use acrylics and watercolors every day.  By having the same colors, by number not necessarily by name, I can develop a consistent palette for both mediums to create my colors.

This isn’t required or even necessary, it’s just an option I have with these pre-determined mix recipes.

Art Quest, mini-quest:  three simple skin tones and three hair colors.


You may have noticed, I am easily bored.  I switch what I am doing often, so as not to get sick of it.  This morning was all about paint, this afternoon will be all about writing.  Maybe tonight I’ll make jewelry…

One must have options.

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