Art Materials Diet, DIY Supplies

Since I have given up purchasing art supplies until Easter, I have been trying to make what I have work.  Here are some ideas, should you need or want to go on an art materials diet:

Accept some challenges as opportunities to stretch your creativity.  By gessoing over some of my painted canvases, I have new surfaces to work on.  By painting on sheets of watercolor paper, I have the ability to put my work in my 3 ring binder.  This keeps them all together in one place and takes up considerably less room than the canvas boards.  This is such a great idea, I plan to go back and do the Quests I did on canvas board over again on paper and add them to my book.

My miniature brushes are all shot and disposed of.  This is frustrating because I actually need miniature brushes for these Quests.  I have been cutting the bristles from larger brushes (which are junk anyway) to create smaller brushes until such time as I can purchase what I need.

It’s possible to make your own supplies, if you run out of something.  For example, gesso.  I have recipes for both clear gesso and regular gesso.  Each saves a lot of money and I use the clear one all the time in my art journaling.  Here they are:

Clear Gesso Recipe:

1 cup white PVA glue

1/4 cup distilled water

4 to 5 heaping Tablespoons of Powdered Marble Dust

Mix well. Store in sealed container. Shake well before use.


1 1/2 cups distilled water

3/4th’s cup PVA glue

4 cups Calcium Carbonate

2- 2 oz. white, matte craft paint, or any color you want

Mix water and glue together well.  Add calcium carbonate slowly, using a wisk to mix well.  Add your paint to color the gesso.  Pour into containers and seal tightly.  I label mine so I know how old it is.

Black Gesso

The gesso tutorials are from Clive5art who is a wonderful acrylic artist and teacher.






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