A Fun Angelooney Painting


Here is a quick, easy tutorial by Angela Anderson.  I have a deep love for castles and so this was a fun way to spend a dark and dreary afternoon.

Oh, here’s an idea for you.  I used a disposable paper palette with this painting.  I liked the combination of colors on the paper.  That’s when I thought, hey, why not let it dry and use it for art journaling.

You can cut it up and make ATC’s with it.  You can use it for tags, pockets, book covers, book marks, inserts, collage, anything you can imagine can be made with this paint-covered paper.

Recycling at it’s best!  Using something meant to be thrown away!  I love that.

Oh, and another thing!  Lately I have been collecting my kids Monster drink cans. (They are old enough to make their own choices.)  Some of these cans have really cool embossed stuff on them.  I will be making jewelry from these cans.

This is another way to recycle, although here in Michigan we have a deposit on our bottles and cans of 10 cents.  So you bring them back to the store, put them in the can machine and get the 10 cents back.  This is fantastic when you’re totally broke.  You grab a couple garbage bags filled with pop cans and go to the store to return them.  Before you know it you have $50.00 in returns.

Seriously.  I have returned $170 worth of cans at once.  We were unable to walk through the garage anymore…

I have been acrylic painting on my watercolor paper.  I am really enjoying it.  I am able to paint to my heart’s content, yet not have stacks and stacks of paintings laying around.  They also fit into my three ring binder, so I can keep them organized.  This is particularly important for the Art Quest stuff.

I also have a product recommendation.  I really like this brush cleaner.  I am very pleased with the way this cleaner works.  Acrylic brushes are consumables, because they will not last.  The make-up of acrylic paints is such that it destroys brushes no matter what you do.  Unlike watercolor brushes, which will last forever if you take care of them.  In an effort to make your brushes last as long as possible, use a good brush cleaner.  The Masters Brush cleaner is a good one.

My acrylic brushes are not expensive but they aren’t cheap either.  I think the most I’ve spent on a brush for acrylics was $20.00.  And I really don’t plan to spend more than that on any one brush.  The brushes I do have, I take care of.  I try not to leave them in the water so the handles split and the ferrule falls off.  I try to let them dry lying flat rather than bristles up in the air.  And I try to keep them clean.

The biggest problem with acrylic paints and brushes is the paint works it’s way up into the ferrule.  It drys there.  This spreads the bristles open.  Now you have a popped brush.  It’s a bushy mess, perfect for painting clouds but nothing else.  So when you are painting, try to keep your paint from working into the ferrule.  This is challenging and I have struggled with it myself.  One idea is not to mix your paints with the brush but rather use a palette knife.  Another is to keep wiping your paint off your brush as it becomes overloaded.  I never wipe my brushes off.  It wastes paint!  I scrape the excess paint off the bristles with a palette knife.  Or smear it off on my palette.

Yes, this is gunky and fairly ineffective.

Seriously, how can I waste that paint?  I’m to frugal for that nonsense.  So I make it work.


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