More Color Wheels

I printed a free color wheel from the internet and copied it onto my watercolor paper.  Then I began creating color wheels with my standardized colors.  By Standardized Colors, I mean the colors I am using to create my color mixing recipes.  When I have recipes with standard colors which I will be able to get from any store at any time I am able to duplicate what I mix.

Now, the standard colors are just the three “primary” colors.  My personal preference is to have two of each primary color:  a warm and cool yellow, warm and cool red, warm and cool blue.  Because you will only be able to create half the colors with only one of each color.

This color theory stuff is a very deep well and you can fall in and keep falling.  My relaxing thing is creating color mixing recipes.  I have mentioned I have books of recipes and continue to make more.  I ordered a color mixing recipe book which has not yet arrived.  I love mixing colors.

Cinnamon just said something interesting:  she said water-colorists tend to play a lot with their paints and make color charts and samples.  Which is interesting because I began my art practice with watercolors.  (My personal art journey began in theatre.  I make all kinds of colors with latex paints on my sets, props and set dressing stuff.) The fear of color mixing goes away the more you do it.  Just play with your paints, enjoy the experience and make a note of how you made those colors.

Oh, and I have to tell you:  Southern Ocean Blue and Australian Sienna are both by Matisse and they are game changers, people!!!  These two colors have revolutionized my art experience.


Not even kidding.

I highly recommend them if you are an acrylic artist.  Love them!!!!

Okay, just made 95 more color mixes!  Love this stuff!!!  There is a tremendous amount of colors in your paint tubes.  You will be able to find some of the most spectacular greens you’ve ever seen!  I have oceans of blues that blow my mind.  I have at least 100 mixes for skin tones, every skin tone.  And my chromatic blacks are vibrant and rich.  I hope you have taken the enjoyable leap into color mixing.

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