Sometimes Our Good Intentions

are not enough.

My art journey has been up and down, I’m not going to lie.  I have the ability to create many things: crafts, paintings, art journals, jewelry, etc. but I have a serious problem with selling these things.

It’s not that they aren’t good enough to sell, it’s that I lack the ability to market my products.  I have no idea how to get my creations into the hands of consumers.

Now this seems ridiculous to me because I have spent literally thousands of hours researching just how to do this.  When Laurie and I started our business together, I worked tirelessly on marketing our stuff.

Nothing came of it.

Our stuff, by the way, is couture Fashion Doll clothing.  We both design the outfits, Laurie makes the clothes, I make the purses, hats and jewelry.   These are exquisite designs meant for the serious Barbie Doll collector.

These dolls,  Silkstones, are the most commonly collected Barbies today.  In additon to those, there are collectors who only collect the vintage dolls. Laurie’s collection of vintage Barbies is quite astonishing, and we both have several Silkstones.  We also have vintage Barbie Doll houses including the A-Frame Pink Dream House, and many of the older cardboard houses.  In fact, our collection of all things Barbie is very impressive.

The outfits we make are our designs in limited numbers.  We only make 5 of each outfit and accessories, then never make that couture design again.  Our materials are the finest available including, but not limited to, silks and cashmere.

We create Barbie doll furniture for dioramas and doll houses, in addition to everything else and actually created our own diorama for a competition.

So why am I mentioning the Barbie thing?  Because I would really like to do that again.  I enjoyed the companionship with my dear friend and the creative process.  I would really enjoy it much more if we were able to sell what we make.  Once I have that little detail worked out, maybe we can begin the journey again.


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