Since I Am Really Trying

not to buy any art supplies during Lent, I have a problem.  I have run out of canvas boards.

So, obviously, I can’t stop painting until Lent is over.  I have to come up with another option: paint over my other canvases.  Here are my current paintings which I will be painting over:

These were, for the most part, all from the Art Sherpa tutorials.  These are in no way all of the paintings I’ve done.  These are just the ones on canvas board, which I need more of so some of these have to go…

I’m beginning with the Colorful Cow.  I have Art Quest stuff to get on with, and won’t wait until after lent is over do it.  Next will be the Monet, the Black and White, the Unicorn, the Seusical Tree and, of course, the dandelion.  After that it gets a bit more difficult to choose.  I think the VanGogh-esque one, the judgemental Chicken and the Big Eye.  I really like the rest and I think I’ll just keep ’em.


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