Two More Art Quests Completed

The Art Sherpa is a terrific art teacher.  I have been Questing since Cinnamon began the Big Art Quest.  Although I haven’t gone in order, I am enjoying every one of them.

If you have any interest in acrylic painting, Art Questing, or just enjoying two delightful people, John and Cinnamon, you should check out the Art Sherpa.

One of my favorite quests, which I’ve done several times now, is this one.  I have enjoyed the abstract experience immensely.  I feel less sure of myself with abstract.  It is definitely not in my comfort zone. The joy of this experience is that I find it very freeing to combine different colors, inks, fluid and heavy body acrylics, and mediums. You can add stucco, glass beads, sand, iridescent and interference colors, anything you want can go into your art work.

It doesn’t have to be a large piece.  Just begin with something. It’s alright to find a painting you like and try to recreate it, just don’t sell it.  If it’s for you, you are perfectly alright to paint it to help develop your techniques and knowledge.  Have fun!

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