Big Kick Die Cut Machine and Frustration

As I mentioned, I have been considering a die cutting machine.  The one I’m interested in is this:  Big Kick/Big Shot  This is a very informative you-tube video on the use of this particular product, the accessories and how they work and an overall view of die cutting in general.

It seems Die Cut machines are like Barbie dolls:  they are inexpensive to buy, but the accessories are where they get you.

To purchase this manual machine is not that costly.  Less than $100 bucks.  For someone like me, with dexterity issues, the ease of cutting out commonly used shapes and letters would be fantastic.  Truly a blessing.  However, the cost of the bits required to do that are expensive.

I found a damaged machine at Hobby Lobby for $71 bucks.  I tried to purchase the accessory pieces I would need to get started and they were not in the store.  They had almost nothing there for this machine.  I bought the machine, the magnetic pad, one embossing folder and an extra set of the clear cutting pads.  $115.00.

Then I went to all the other stores in town.  They, too, had nothing for this machine.  No additional pads which are necessary for the techniques I want to do, no basic shapes for dies, no alphabets or numbers, no frames or borders…Nothing.

After a wasted day searching for something I could purchase to get me started, I realized this was ridiculous.  I returned everything I had purchased and gave up the search.  If I am going to get a die cutting machine with the accessories, I’ll order it on line and have it delivered to my home.  These stores should stock basic supplies, yet they are not.  Foolish.  Now they have lost a sale, and have lost future sales as well.  If I begin this journey, I will be spending money on dies and other things frequently.

I went to Scrapbooking Made Simple, where the cost of the machine is less than  I’ve found anywhere else.  I began tossing things in my cart, just enough to get me started in die cutting, and ended up with nearly 300 worth of stuff.  This is cost prohibitive.

I could hire someone to cut things out for me by hand for an hour for $15.00.

I find this incredibly frustrating.


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