Four Big Art Quests Today

Today was a productive day!  I made the Steampunk girl painting, and did four Big Art Quests as well.

The Quests were:  Tree and Branch Clinic, How to Paint Bark and Wood Clinic, How to Paint Rocks and Stones, and Perspective.  I have watched the Perspective video several times, did the Quest stuff and went further in my quest for perspective.

Clive has videos on perspective as well, which I found pretty helpful.  Here is one: Perspective

In the Art Quest, which started last year, Cinnamon is taking us through many of the art terms and techniques most of us won’t have access to unless we attend art school.  I, for one, don’t have the time, money or the physical ability to attend classes on a college campus.  My only option for education in the world of art is on-line and through books.

Cinnamon is only one of the artists I am working with in my efforts to learn all things art.  Lindsay, the frugal crafter, is also a wonderful teacher and I am learning so much about watercolors from her.  The Spin Doctor is another great you-tuber.  Fantastic information on color, color theory, mixing, painting, supplies and materials, he’s an endless font of information.  Steve Mitchell is The Mind of Watercolor.  Steve is another incredibly talented watercolorist with many terrific tutorials and ideas.  Angela Anderson is another acrylic artist I enjoy. Clive of Clive5Art is one of my favorite tutors.  He makes every effort to make art an affordable pass time, and I greatly appreciate his make-your-own supply videos.  Then there are the Jerry’s Artarama free art lessons.  Dick Blick also provides instructional videos.  I have not used the Blick videos yet, but it’s nice to know they have them.

These are just some of the artists I have been following.  I absorb everything they can teach me, and then when something one of them says makes me want to learn more on that topic, I do that.

I am a self-taught artist, for the most part.  My dear friend, Suzanne, is the person who has taught me the most about art and painting.  She went to a prestigious art  school and has graciously shared her knowledge with me.  This past December she and I painted this picture of my parents, my brother Jeff and me.


This painting took 18 hours to complete.  Suzanne, who has painted portraits professionally, was gracious enough to help me with this.  It was quite a project for me, as I have only rarely painted faces.  I am very thankful Suzanne was willing to assist me in this endeavor.  She is an amazing artist and I am very honored to call her my friend as well as my teacher.

My point in this post is if you are interested in art of any kind, there are tutorials available at no cost, or very low cost, on line.  This is the only way I will be able to pursue my love of art, and if you would like to do that too, please check out the links above.  Each one of the you-tubers listed is both a talented artist and teacher.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

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