Today’s Projects


This is an aged background which I will be using as a base for a future painting.  This is also what I plan to do for my sets for the Three Musketeers.

The set design is fairly simple:  Stage Left is a two level structure with an archway entrance.  This will look like the exterior of an old cathedral with a stained glass window in the lower level.  The colors will be reds and oranges.  Stage Right will be the same structure, painted to look like the exterior of an old building/pub.  Aged, moldy/mossy details in blues and verdigris.  The center of the stage, which has been built as a thrust out into and over the auditorium seats (we will be moving the audience up onto the stage itself) will be a partial wall with an impressive aged door in yellows/earth tones.  The transition from one side to the other will be made gently with colors blending seamlessly into each other.  I plan to age the wall which holds the impressive door, adding old bricks and a faux stucco technique.

These are things I have done for years.  There is nothing new or different here.  The only thing which is a bit unusual is I am making the exterior of the buildings look like aged metal.  My goal is to give the set a real “steampunk” feeling.  I have aged metal techniques galore, and will be using them where ever possible.

So imagine my surprise when I discovered this tutorial: Cinnamon Cooney, the Art Sherpa on my feed.  Here is exactly the background I am doing, only on a very small scale.  So I had to go for it and make a couple of them for my paintings.  It is so easy to accomplish these techniques.  I’m just thrilled I found something I already know how to do, and I’m good at it.  Having never taken an art class in my life, some of what I’m learning in my on-line classes is completely foreign to me.  I have no idea what these art terms mean, nor how to do the techniques the way you’re supposed to.  I’ve been faking it for years!

I made two of these backgrounds this morning, and will be posting the finished paintings later.

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