Finished Painting, the Art Sherpa


The Art Sherpa tutorial.

Cinnamon Cooney is an acrylic artist.  She is the daughter of an acrylic artist, Ginger Cook.  Either, and both, of these two ladies can teach you amazing things about acrylic painting.

Cinnamon is offering classes called the Big Art Quest.  She is one the artists I am taking on-line classes from.  Cinnamon, and her husband John, offer these classes free of charge.  There are also many, many painting tutorials which are not part of the Big Art Quest.  They are separated into “Hoot” levels.  There are currently “One Hoot”, “Two Hoot” and the more advanced “Three Hoot” paintings.

I cannot tell you how much Cinnamon and John mean to me.  I have not met either one, but I have talked with them via e-mail.  You see a young girl Jackie,  who was a student of ours in theatre, fell from a second story roof trying to rescue a kitten.  Jackie is a vivacious girl with a smile that lights up the room.  She’s a delight.

She was in the hospital for a few weeks, having surgery after surgery.  Then Jackie was in a rehabilitation unit for 5 weeks before being released into the care of a dear friend of hers.  Jackie broke both her legs, both ankles, both feet and crushed 4 vertibrae in her spine.  She was in very serious shape, without medical insurance, without any way to make money, as well as being a full time college student.

Another dear friend of mine decided to have a fund raiser for our poor girl.  I had been painting many, many of Cinnamon’s tutorials at that time and had at least 30 stacked up in my work room.  I contacted Cinnamon and asked if it would be all right for me to sell those paintings at the auction to raise money for Jackie.

Cinnamon was both gracious and enthusiastic. I was thrilled she gave her consent.  I made sure she was credited with the original designs as well as providing information about her you-tube channel and website.  I want to say I brought 40 paintings to the fundraiser and only came home with 5.

The money raised went directly to Jackie for her medical bills and living expenses.  We were able to raise nearly $2600 if I remember correctly.

That Cinnamon was so gracious and willing to allow the sale of her original works for our fundraiser still brings tears to my eyes.  She certainly didn’t have to give me permission to sell them, and if she had not given her permission I would never have sold them.

The truth is, both John and Cinnamon are the types of people who share what they have generously with the world and the only payment they receive is the joy of spreading art over the interwebs.  I cannot thank them enough for their generosity and kindness.

Oh, a Jackie update!  She’s actually back to work and school.  In less than nine months she was, not only up out of the wheelchair and walking, but actually healed enough to get on with her life.  This is miraculous, and I know the love Jackie was shown during her convalescence by so many greatly helped in her healing. Cinnamon and John were two of those loving people, and I would like to thank them both one more time.

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