Cheap DIY Project

Today was a rough day, headache-wise, so I haven’t been as productive as I would like.  I honestly spent most of the day watching you-tube videos.

But while I was watching you-tube videos on the Big Shot or Big Kick and all the cool things you can do with a die-cutter, I decided to make some hot glue stencils.

This is a perfectly delightful project that costs pennies.  Since the arrival of my 25lbs of hot glue sticks, I feel I have plenty of glue to play with.  I used a non-stick oven liner  which I found at Walmart for 8 bucks.  The price has really gone up since I bought mine.

I made several different stencils today.  A large rose with rose bud and leaves, a crown, an Iris and a woman wearing a hat.

I had difficulty with the DIY Shimmer Sprays, as I haven’t used them in awhile they clogged the nozzle and didn’t come out in a fine mist.  The spray bottles spit huge wet blobs of color all over the place and the resulting pictures are less than stellar.  I think I’ll clean out the bottles and spray mechanisms and start over with the Shimmer Spray. The watercolor look is lovely in person, but looks off on these pictures.

My goal is to make these into art journal pieces once they’re dry.  I made several hot glue stencils for the Bible Journaling class I taught last year, and I find them very use for art journals.  I have several words and phrases as well.  I used fonts from my computer and placed them beneath clear heat resistant mats from the Dollar Tree.   I could see the writing pretty well through the mat and just went over the letters with my hot glue.  Although the words are not perfect, like you would get from stamps or computer print outs, they work well for what I wanted to do with them.  Just let the hot glue cool completely before you remove them from your mat.  The bottom of the stencil is flat, and if you make the lines thick enough they won’t let anything leak beneath.  The ones I made today are a bit thin which caused some running  of the shimmer sprays.

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