Mega Haul!



Today I am sharing my Haul! with you.

From Jerry’s Artarama:

A three drawer Pastel Storage Unit.  The drawers are very narrow, and when I separated my pastels and removed them from the easel box I purchased earlier, all three drawers were filled.  The one drawer easel box held the same amount as the three drawer box.  I am thinking of returning it to Jerry’s and buying two more of the easel boxes in it’s place.

Three Strathmore Visual Journals in 140lb. watercolor paper, which are my favorite art journals and I have already jumped into one of those.

A gray scale finder, a sample pack of hot press watercolor paper, 2 extra fine white pastel sticks, two samples of SoHo acrylic paints, with a 1″ glazing brush, 2 Mimic Brushes and 2 Black Swan brushes being back ordered.

From a local bargain store in Ann Arbor, Ollie’s, I found:

4 fabric covered 12″x 12″ ColorBok 3 D-ring binders normally used for scrapbooks.  These were $3.99, when the last one I purchased was a bit over $6.00.  These are what I’m using to hold my assignments and practice paintings.

A pack of 12 Bic Mark-its for $4.99.  These work well with all other alcohol-based markers and I’m glad I found some so cheap.  When I last looked at Walmart, they were 14.99.

I found a charming Bible cover for $6.99 and a large paper pad for $1.99.  We bought several more things there, but these were the only art-type supplies.

We also went to Blick’s in Deerborn.  While there, I spent my Christmas gift card.  I bought Reeve’s brand water soluble crayons, DerWent Inktense Blocks, a 10 hole palette for pan pastels, tortillions, Walter Forest books, Aqua Monolith water color pencils from Creatacolor, and Famous Artists paper dolls.

I have 24 Lyra watercolor crayons, a set of 5 pan pastels, pastel paper pads, 3-90 lb. Strathmore Visual Journals, liquid watercolor, Liquitex Heavy Body mixing colors, and a Bob Ross metal brush cleaner coming in the mail.

Oh the plans I have to play with my new materials!  Let me know if there is anything you’d like to hear more about.  I’ll give you a review of all the stuff as I use it.

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