New Art Journal!



the first page in the new art journal

Soon I will be adding a Haul! post, but not everything has arrived yet.

One thing I could not wait to begin was my new art journal.  Remember the 2017 Challenge?  Using the principles of the Secret?  Well, I began an art journal today with that whole thing as the focus.

I am using a Strathmore Visual Journal, 140 lb watercolor paper.  The price has gone up a bit since my order, but they are still reasonably priced.  Mine is the 9″x 12 ” size journal.  This is my favorite art journal and I was very excited to have them arrive this morning.

The remaining art materials I ordered were from Dick Blick and they have not arrived yet.  This is odd, as I have often received my order the day after I placed it.  Nevertheless, I’m sure it will be arriving tomorrow.  Once it does, I’ll post the Haul!

Tomorrow is a very exciting day for me because I have a treatment in Ann Arbor (not the exciting part) and my DH says there is a Blick’s not far from UofM.  We will be going to the actual STORE!  I’m so excited I could just jump up and down like a three year old.  Can you imagine the delight of seeing aisle upon aisle of artist materials?  The nearest thing I have to an art store is Michael’s and Hobby Lobby.  Both of which are over priced by tons and have very limited selection.

Yes!  Imagine the joy of shopping in an actual art store!  I cannot wait to get there!

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