Stamping and Die Cutting

I am seriously considering getting some stamps.  You know the wood mounted or unmounted cling type stamps?  But I am also considering digital stamps, which take up no room in my work space but do, unfortunately, involve using the computer and my wretched printer.

The thing is, I make watercolor cards.  If I need to send a card, I just paint one.  I am not much of a card sender, to be honest, so my need for cards is minimal.  But I watch Lindsay, the frugal crafter, with all her stamps and the really cool things she does with them and I want stamps.  Not the thousands that she has, just some very basic shapes, like circles, ovals, frames, sentiments, all occasion and seasonal stamps which would be used over and over again.

I have several of the little alphabet stamp sets from Walmart and Micheal’s, which were $1 or less.  There are also a couple larger alpha sets from Micheal’s which I snagged from the clearance section for less than $3 each. I have made several large background stamps from kneeling foam pads I picked up at Dollar Tree and the thicker sheets of fun foam.  I also made some stamps from hot glue, but I find the hot glue thing works better as a stencil, rather than as a stamp.  And my dear friend Laurie gave me all her stamps, as she wont be using them.  So it’s not as if I don’t have any stamps to play with.  I do.  ( But I really yearn for the quirky, oddball stamps which I don’t have anything like at all.  Not practical, not basic shapes you can make into many things, not a great idea to invest in, but there you have it…)

And my other desire is a Big Shot die cutting machine. The machine itself isn’t so terribly expensive, but I have nothing for dies.  Which would mean purchasing several different dies, in the basic shapes.  And my real love is the embossing folders they have.  Those backgrounds on paper look just amazing!  But, again, this is a whole new area for me and I would have to begin from scratch.  Do I really want to do that?

Honestly, I have so many projects right now to work on, do I really want to begin one more thing?


You’re right.

I don’t.

I have so many materials which I am determined to use and enjoy. Do that first before diving into another thing.  Absolutely sound and logical thinking.  (And I have forgotten my real goal here, which is to use up as much of my supplies as possible before we sell this house because it will mean less to move.)

Perfect!  You have talked me down!  Thank you for that, and have a wonderfully creative day!


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