New Computer!!

Have I mentioned, my husband is a SAINT?

Well, if I haven’t, I am now.

As we all know, eye roll here, computers are not my “thing”.  I hate them, they hate me.  This is fact.

Yesterday, while trying to write a word document of my favorite artist materials for use on this blog, my computer crashed and burned SIX times.  “We’re sorry, but windows has crashed.  Would you like to send a report blah, blah, blah…”

Seriously?  I’m just trying to type out a supply list.

In Word.


Six times.

I left to paint a friends apartment, which is a whole other story of shock and awe, in and of itself…Came home, showered and went to the youth group auction.  (My watercolor cards sold for $35.00, which is appalling.  But there were so few people left by the time they came up, it’s a wonder they sold at all. There was a very cold draft through the room.  I was shivering, and I had on a heavy sweater/top with a calve length cardigan over that.  Scott even got up and went searching to see if a door was left open somewhere.  Anyway, people couldn’t stand the cold and left.  There were only a handful there toward the end. They did raise $13,000 dollars with the auction, however, which is a new record I think.)

Back to my saintly husband.

When we came back from the auction, I had complained about the crashing of the computer while making a word document.  I came into my work room and was trying to get the stupid computer to boot up-no success-when he came in, set a laptop on my work table and said “sign in”.  I asked what this was, his laptop?

No, he had ordered one for me last week and forgot to mention it.  It arrived yesterday while I was painting Daniel’s apartment.

I almost wept!

I asked if this one would have all my stuff on it, and he said it would once he loaded it on to it.  He’s doing that today after church, while I’m finishing the apartment.

Is this guy fantastic or what?  To order a laptop for me, because apparently I have complained about the crashing of the other one a lot, and then surprise me with it like that?

I adore him.


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