I Can’t Believe I Did That!

I have a small box which held tangelos from Aldi.  I am covering this with paper and after that dries, my book page paintings.  I was planning to use my 2 oz. bottles of mod podge, which I purchased from Dollar Tree.

I started grabbing the gloss mod podge bottles, and one after the other was just about empty.  With just a hair left in the bottom of the bottle…

What was I thinking?  Did I plan to re-use the little bottles?  Was I planning to drain the very last drop from each bottle to create one which was half full?  What was I thinking???

Let me tell you what I’m thinking right now:  I need to buy Mod Podge by a larger jug and keep it handy for when I need it, which is more often than I realized.  I have the 2 oz. bottles in matte but the gloss 2 oz bottles are nearly gone.  The irony here is I am making the box to have on my work desk to hold my most used liquid glues and adhesives.  Wont be holding my gloss Mod Podge, cause it’s gone…


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